Elena Katarsky

Elena Katarsky, Licensed Realtor

Broker/Manager is often the primary reason for people either loving or leaving their job. As Broker for Weichert Realtors TradeMark. I believe we have to work as a team and help each other to achieve high goals and be the best we could be. Market conditions are changing often but with proper training and personal commitment we could overcome any obstacles. We have to respect and treat each other like one of our family member and joining Weichert Realtors TradeMark you’ll be one of US. Most of our area offices downsizing or closing their door,but TradeMark see today as new opportunity. We have to go back to basics, work harder, invest in our business and most of all believe in the power of Team Work.

I encourage the Team Concept and we support you in every way possible. Our company is striving to be one the best place to work and grow in the Real Estate business. My personal commitment to Weichert Realtors TradeMark is unconditional, I built this company from the ground up, I did not pay for it nor inherited, I worked 24/7 and I will not stop now. We have big plans and our business plan is reachable as long as we see the big picture and pay attention to details. Our profession is not like any other jobs; we apply for a new job every time we go for a listing or interview a buyer. Therefore, I expect you to be prepared for the interview of your lifetime every day and if you need help with that I’m here for you. Our exceptional agents are also happy to tell you who we are and what are we made of. I encourage you to ask one or ask them all. Our agents get paid the same day they had the closing, not the next week or next month. Give us a try, as assurance of everything we promise we give you one more reason to join our Team; Take your listing with you if for some reason you don’t like our team.

For a confidential interview call me on my Cell phone: 570-902-9990 or E-mail me: Elenakatarsky@yahoo.com If texting is your thing, do that too.

I love to take you for lunch and discuss further why you belong to Weichert Realtors TradeMark. See you soon.

Weichert Realtors TradeMark

Broker, ABR, ASR, E-Pro, REO Certified & ShortSale Certified

1112 Memorial Highway
Shavertown PA 18708

Office: 570-901-1020

Cell Phone: 570-902-9990

Fax: 877-202-2103


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